Welcome to Optimal Health

Unique Natural Health & Wellbeing Clinic Group
Our mission is to optimise health and inspire naturally healthier lifestyles for our patients.

Initial Health Consultation

For New Patients
We connect, listen clearly to your health concerns and priorities, ensure our philosophy meets your needs, and recommend an Optimal Health Treatment Pathway©

“The Initial Consultation took under 60 minutes, and it was a very effective use of my (limited!) time. I had acute support straight away and was then guided to  an Optimal Health Assessment which was revolutionary”  Mr. SD

Introductory first appointment rate for new patients only. 

What our patients say

The Optimal Health Club

A totally different sort of Membership Club with your optimal health at the core. We offer complete support to a limited number of like-minded members who understand our ideology and choose to prioritise their health.

December 2023

Optimal Sound Therapy

With roots stretching back to Ancient Greece, sound therapy uses vibrational frequencies to encourage healing. Today the Optimal Health Group uses the latest technology to produce bespoke Sound Files enabling you to reach harmony and emotional balance.

To book your Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment, email or call us, or click on the calendar below.