Alpha Thermogram

Do you think that you live healthily but don’t really know how your internal organs, glands, and tissues, are performing?

Medical thermal imaging, as undertaken in a thermography test, is a highly accurate and predictable way to examine the dynamic changes and reactivity of the autonomic nervous system.

Thermographic scanning, using the Alpha Thermogram, from Optimal Health can give you the answers to your questions, exposing the hidden issues and causative factors that can contribute to a pre-disease state– allowing you to make changes and create a healthier, longer-lasting future for yourself.  

Alpha Thermogram - Optimal Health

What is a thermography test?

A form of early detection assessment, whole-body thermography uses safe, streamlined infrared technology, and the results of over 30 years of 15,000+ patient’s data as a platform from which to consider your overall health.

Clinicians can find predisposing factors that could lead to pathology if left undetected and uncorrected, as the Alpha Thermogram uses body thermal imaging to check over 100 points across the head, torso, neck, and arms, or whole body. 

Next, the body is exposed to a cooling treatment for 10 minutes, which is considered a source of stress on the body, before all the points are rechecked.

All points in the test should be able to regulate themselves if healthy, warming back up their original values. If, for any reason, the points on the thermography test do not show evidence of body regulation, clinicians can pick up on patterns of organ and system disturbances that could point to disease processes.  

Whole body thermography is managed by an experienced clinician and is specifically designed to be non-invasive, without possible damage from radiation or toxicity. Each report is generated straight after the conclusion of thermography and gives patients an in-depth and real-time picture of their bodily health. Afterwards, our clinicians will assist them with reversing harmful patterns or tendencies – the aim of all preventative medicine.  

What is detectable using a thermography test?

Thanks to its unique capacity to visually record physiological changes and metabolic processes, full-body thermal imaging is particularly beneficial for breast, prostate, and dental screening.

A thermogram from the Optimal Health Group also offers a radiation-free adjunct to mammograms that can offer much earlier detection of physiological changes, therefore prompting further timely investigation and preventative treatment. 

However, as thermography is so versatile, it can also be used to explore thermoregulation in many organs and tissue patterns and their pathologies, including:

  • Pancreas – diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Breasts – breast health, cystic changes, etc.
  • Liver – disease and function
  • Pituitary, thyroid, and ovaries – endocrine function
  • Cardiac function – efficiency, electrophysiology, etc.
  • Brain and headache
  • Dental infections
  • Neuromuscular – structural integrity
  • Pulmonary function
  • Viral and bacterial disease monitoring

By assessing changing physiological patterns, inflammation, and underlying fundamental shifts in wellness, medical thermal imaging is a valuable tool in the pre-emptive medical field, as opposed to the conventional medical approach of diagnosing pathology, symptom management and suppression.

Alpha Thermogram - Optimal Health

What happens after your thermographic scan?

After you have undergone thermographic scanning, your clinician will advise on the results of your scan and, if needed, will refer you for an Optimal Health Assessment where we recommend an Optimal Health Treatment Pathway©. This tailored naturopathic treatment plan can encourage you to:

  • Engage your intrinsic self-healing capacity.
  • Resolve issues and stressors on the organs and tissues of the body.
  • Restore homeostasis.
  • Help you enjoy enhanced energy and potential.
  • Enhance your cellular function.

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This could be all it takes to completely reshape your future health.

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