Children's Health Assessment

Have you ever worried about your children’s personal health and wellness?

We know your kid’s health is paramount to you and, as parents, you feel it is your duty to do what you can to keep them as healthy as possible and encourage the best early childhood development to set them up for future success.

A full health assessment from the Optimal Health Group can give you the tools to do this, highlighting the missing connection between root causes and recurring symptoms, and helping you work as a team with us to create a brighter, healthier future for them.  

Children's Health Assessments available at Optimal Health

What is a Children's Full Health Assessment?

A form of paediatric health assessment, the Children’s Full Health Assessment options that we offer, depend on the age of your child. These assessments aim to understand what is going on energetically within the body, and show us ways to improve their health naturally at all levels.

  • The Child 10 and under Full Health Assessment, based on an in-depth full Naturopathic Evaluation featuring the Oligoscan Nutritional Profiler. 

These full body health checks, managed by one of our experienced Senior Clinicians, are specifically designed for children’s healthcare and use comprehensive diagnostic testing and consultation to give parents an in-depth and real-time picture of their children’s bodies – allowing them a unique and highly accurate evaluation of their health.

Are all children suitable for a paediatric health assessment?

The Optimal Health Group has specifically designed naturopathic assessments that are suitable for children of all ages.

We believe in being pre-emptive and recognising deficiencies or issues early on, unlike the conventional medical philosophy of symptom management and suppression which relies on a watch-and-wait approach.

As all our assessments focus on children’s health care and early childhood development, you can be sure that the assessment process is relaxed and calm and our experienced clinicians will take the time to explain and involve your child in their healthcare. 

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What happens after a Child Full Health Assessment?

After their Child Health Assessment, our Senior Clinicians will advise on nutritional and lifestyle changes and refer your child to the Optimal Health Treatment Pathway© if it is needed. This can encourage you and your children to:

  • Make the best choices to activate their self-healing ability.
  • Resolve issues and stress on the body.
  • Restore homeostasis.
  • Help them enjoy enhanced energy and potential.
  • Assist with expected early childhood development milestones.

You and your children will then go away and implement these advised changes to their health, diet, and lifestyle, as far as is possible.

We then review how the changes have made a difference to their health and wellness, using an Optimal Health Assessment Re-test to compare their progress.

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