Chronic Fatigue Transformation

Presenting Symptoms

I came to the clinic after nearly 10 years of ME/chronic fatigue syndrome. This entailed not having been able to work for all that time, nor being able to exercise, talk to people for too long or drive or get about easily. Even after a good 6/7 years of working incredibly hard to get well, I was still having to rest 3/4 times a day and had pretty hideous, debilitating symptoms.

The Assessment

The test was great. Priti was so caring and knowledgable. Even though I had seen a variety of ‘specialists’ and done everything under the sun to help, I had never heard of a technology which could clearly analysis exactly how your body was working, or not working. Priti also mentioned some other treatments/technologies she thought may help, which I hadn’t heard of either. For the first time in years, I felt there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve had a few different tests since then (hormonal/toxicity/energetic) and each time we discover things that weren’t working properly which we are now fixing.

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The Treatments

I have been pretty blown away by all the treatments. When you first go there, it’s a bit like being in a very nice sci-fi film.

Not only do I physically feel a million times better but I feel like the Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment and Sound Frequency treatment has completely rewritten all my fear patterns and for the first time in years, I don’t feel worried about the future. 

Patient Care

The patient care is exceptional. As soon as I enter the clinic, I feel like I am in a little supportive bubble of loveliness: Priti and Lisa are both so caring and knowledgable and everyone has a little tip or trick to share with you along the way. It’s clear everyone is working so hard to help you. You also get assigned your own special lovely person, who can answer any questions, give you a quick pep talk or be there if you need a quick sob (at the start of my treatment!) down the phone.

The Outcome

At the first assessment, Priti said she thought it would probably take 6 months to a year to get well. I am now just starting my 6th month. My symptoms are already unrecognisable to what they were before and I know I will be fully well soon. I also have a normal sleep pattern. Insomnia was one of my worst symptoms and sleeping normally after nearly a decade, honestly feels like a miracle.

Doing the health plan is a commitment, but if you have any ongoing health condition you can’t seem to fix, I honestly would do anything it takes to get yourself there. I recommend the clinic to everyone.

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