Comprehensive Health Review

Presenting Symptoms

I wanted to have a comprehensive heath review.

The Assessment

The assessment was even more insightful than I had hoped. It is the most comprehensive health assessment I have had.  It is because Optimal Health have information for one’s entire body, that a correct diagnosis can be made.  

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The Treatments

In line with the Optimal Health Assessment, the treatment plan was equally detailed including treatments to clear viruses, cell regeneration, supplements, physiotherapy, nutritional advice and counselling. Unlike conventional doctors that treat symptoms in isolation, I feel real progress has been made because the whole body and mind is taken care of.

Patient Care

The transparency and sharing of information ensures a great level of patient care and a relationship built on trust. The team are quick to reply to queries and offer advice.  I feel confident that my family’s health is being taken care of by such a dedicated team of professionals. 

The Outcome

I recommend Optimal Health wholeheartedly to everyone.  It has been enlightening to work with people whose goal is to cure and prevent illness, rather than just manage symptoms.  

Patient: Mrs PM, aged 36