Emotional Stress and Weight Management

Presenting Symptoms

I was generally stiff and concerned about my cardiovascular health, as well as having a tendency to acne.

The Assessment

I saw Lisa for an Optimal Health Assessment which gave a truly in-depth insight into my equilibrium and made me think about my health from a totally different perspective. It gave a clear joined up blueprint for living a healthy life and getting the most from my body. I was well supported with regular follow up OHA Re-test’s.

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The Treatments

I have followed an intensive integrated programme of Nutritional Consultation, Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment and Sound Frequency treatment, Biofeedback rebalancing, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage, Reiki, Biophoton Therapy to clear infection,  Papimi, Nitric Oxide Treatment, Optimal Cell Health, Body Stimulator Automatic Exercise machine and prescribed supplements.

The parts of me that had shut down or were working at sub-optimal levels, weighed down with toxins and viruses, seem to have been rehabilitated and energised so they can start serving me better and enabling my whole system to do its job properly and efficiently.  Truly amazing.  

Patient Care

Heartfelt thanks for your help, support and guidance over the past 9 months. I am grateful for your care,skill, wisdom and sometimes tough love. It wasn’t always easy, it has been expensive and at times I have been quite challenging I am sure.  

You are doing a great service to your clients. I am a very different man today as result of following your instructions, taking your prescriptions and working with your amazing team.

The Outcome

The impact has been quite transformative for me, not just in how I look, but in how I feel, physically and emotionally.  Weight loss really isn’t the story here although a trend of slow weight loss while building up my core strength is the most visible change in me.

The mindset and tools that you have given me have been amazing. Simply adding will power and determination to your recipe has utterly transformed my life for the better

The shift in my perception of what is normal for me has been profound. Normal weight, sleep patterns, lifestyle, mood, all have been re-calibrated and the sense that I am back reconnected with my body, that I think and feel with my body, listen to what it is saying about what is good and bad for me is amazing.  

This applies well beyond food and drink.  It has implications for all the situations and relationships in my life.  Rather than rationalise bad situations away and compensate for them with comfort eating or drinking, I am much clearer about just saying no.  No to the food and drink that is bad for me.  No to relationships that are equally bad for me – at work and in my personal life.  The likelihood of slipping back into what was comfortable but toxic, in terms of lifestyle and relationships feels genuinely remote.  I have been unalterably changed by the whole process. For the better.

The biggest shift for me was the realisation that nearly all the things I was doing to make myself feel better were before long making me feel bad and cumulatively making me feel awful; sluggish, disconnected, unhappy even depressed.  So rather than reaching for a short-term fix if I get stressed or anxious, I double down on the healthy behaviours I’ve learned from you and my own experience. I am so much more balanced and relaxed about things and this integration of mind, body and spirit is at times humbling and serene. A sense of euphoric wellbeing can suddenly sweep over me like a warm blanket.  I am in my body, connected to the physical world around me and the spirit world,wherever that is.  I feel like a whole and integrated person. Able to make decisions more easily, to understand where my boundaries end and others begin -not getting so easily hooked into the negative energy of others. Amazing.

Your intervention has been nothing short of life changing – and after 57 years of learned behaviours that were killing me, you have given me an amazing gift.  

Patient: Mr NV, aged 57