Frequently Asked Questions

What is Optimal Health?

Optimal Health is a revolutionary new health concept that stimulates the body’s own self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms. We use some of the most advanced technologies in the world and a new all-encompassing methodology, aligned with nature’s wisdom, to optimise health and help you to live at your full potential. 

Optimal Health is available at our London and Hampshire Clinics.

What is unique about Optimal Health?

State-of-the-art technologies measure hundreds of parameters; to see the fullest picture and evaluate homeostasis.

Although a few of our individual technologies may be found in other clinics, Optimal Health uses a unique tried and tested protocol and combination of technologies to support optimum health executed by a team of highly skilled Naturopathic Doctors and Clinical Specialists.

How does Optimal Health work?

You undergo an Optimal Health Assessment which identifies the core underlying triggers of your presenting symptoms. Further specialised assessments may be suggested and a treatment plan is proposed. Alongside the plan dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be made.

Do you offer a fertility service?

Yes, we do. We have a nurturing Optimal Natural Fertility Programme with an 85% success rate. 

Click here for 12 good reasons why patients choose Optimal Natural Fertility over conventionally assisted conception. 

The first step is an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment that we recommend for both partners. Based on your assessments we will advise if it is suitable for you to move on to the Optimal Natural Fertility Treatment Pathway (c)

Do you have an acute service?

We have a Homeopathy Acute Service. This is only available to registered patients.

In addition to bespoke combination remedies made in our Dispensary, we also have a range of homeopathy kits like Mums Magic Kit, Travel Protection, Operation Support, and Healthy Holiday Kits.

Please talk to your Health Coach who will brief our Homeopath and Dispensing Team

For acutes in between consultations please talk to your Health Coach in the first instance.

Is my treatment covered on private health insurance?

Some insurance plans do cover a limited selection of the treatments we offer.

Please check with your insurance plan provider.

Do you charge for email consultations?

Yes, we do in order to cover the time of the clinician involved. 

The charge is £30 per consultation. 

This charge excludes any acute homeopathy, herbals, or supplements which may be prescribed following your remote consultation.

Do you charge for telephone/Zoom consultations?

Yes, we do in order to cover the time of the clinician involved. 

The charge is £45 per 15-minute consultation, £75 per 30-minute consultation, or £100 per 60-minute consultation

This charge excludes any acute homeopathy or herbals or supplements which may be prescribed following your remote consultation. 

Please note that Telephone/ Zoom calls need to be pre-booked, as with any consultation

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours’ notice received during normal business hours for any canceled or rescheduled appointments.

There is no charge for appointments canceled with 48 hours’ notice during normal business hours. The full cost of the scheduled appointment will be charged for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice during normal business hours. 

The full fee is chargeable if no notice is given.