In Harmony With Myself - WOW!

Presenting Symptoms

Poor relationship with food in response to stress
Blocked left ear
Sleep disruption due to arthritic hip pain

The Assessment

What a fascinatingly perceptive insight the Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment gave. It read me like a book and opened up some really interesting avenues of thought.
Great to hear all the positive things, and I have also felt energised and motivated to work on the more negative issues and chakra imbalances – the in-depth knowledge gives you so much power.
For example, I can tend to overeat to de-stress but now know that inner child connection, joy and spontaneity will help me to break that cycle

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The Treatments

Since listening to my daily (and nightly) Sound Files – I love that they balance my brain and no-one else’s! – I have been far more spontaneous, had greater creative energy and can’t think of anything that has triggered me how it may have done before – I am just more in harmony with me.

Patient Care

The Therapist interpreted my Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment with great insight and sensitivity and, as ever, I feel in very good hands with the Optimal Health Team.

The Outcome

I know, because of the importance of the mind-body connection and cellular energy, that where my brain leads my physical symptoms will follow.
Already my totally blocked ear which had dragged on for months has cleared (listening to myself more?) and I feel more sprightly.

I love that you can pop your headphones on and self treat entirely to suit you.
This Brain Optimiser and Sound Frequency treatment is amazing and I really can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it.

Patient: Ms MW