Infertility: become a mum in the way Mother Nature intended

With an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment and treatment pathway from the Optimal Health Group, you could join the 85% of couples (106/124 patients) who conceived and delivered a healthy baby.



Infertility: become a mum in the way Mother Nature intended

Our success rate compares very favourably to the average 16% of couples who conceive with just IVF* So, all hope is not lost if you are one of the 1:6 couples struggling to conceive or deliver a healthy baby.

(*Average percentage of IVF treatments in 2019 that resulted in a live birth across all ages according to the NHS/ HFEA)

Meet Bridget, our Head of Fertility

Here she explains how we take a fully holistic view as to potential barriers to conception, so alongside poor egg and sperm health we look at individual root cause which could be issues like:

  • Reduced Immune function
  • Poor gut health
  • Mercury fillings causing toxicity

After a fully holistic assessment, we go on to treat patients in a gentle manner that stimulates self-resolution and re-balances the body to be able to do what it was designed to do.

12 good reasons to choose Optimal Natural Fertility over IVF/conventionally assisted conception.

  • Optimal Natural Fertility has a far higher success rate.
  • Optimal Natural Fertility is an option for those who don’t qualify for funded IVF, have failed with IVF or just can’t face IVF.
  • Optimal Natural Fertility may be best for those who have unexplained infertility.
  • Optimal Natural Fertility offers timely help to those who have suffered miscarriage. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility has successful patients with a conventional diagnosis that would normally make pregnancy unlikelylike thyroid imbalance or endometriosis. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility considers individual “fertility age”not random NICE guidelines or national averages. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility is a team affair, for men too – even busy ones who can only get to an initial Natural Fertility Assessment. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility is based on broader and deeper functional testing to map deviation from homeostasis/optimal fertility. We can identify the underlying cellular level causative factors of blocks to fertility which would not be considered in the conventional model. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility involves NO toxic drugs and side effects and instead uses bespoke, highest quality supplements and nutrition. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility has a normal rate of multiple births. The IVF rate is 20 x higher than normal. 
  • Optimal Natural Fertility may be better for both parents and baby’s health.
  • Optimal Natural Fertility Treatment is a much more pleasant and nurturing experience with a supportive team and no invasive procedures.

How Optimal Health Can Help

If any, some, or all, of these reasons mean that you would like to progress Optimal Natural Fertility then please book an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment. For one or both partners. Exceptional and unique insight in a nurturing and supportive environment – free from the stress, upheaval, and potential side effects of conventional fertility treatments. 


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