Men’s Mental Health and Technology. A Cause and a Solution?

The theme of Men’s Health Week 2023 is ‘men's health and the internet’ – which emphasises the impact of technology and social media on mental health. What if technology was the solution too?
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Men’s Mental Health and Technology. A Cause and a Solution?

Men’s Health Week 2023

The theme is ‘men’s health and the internet’ – which emphasises the impact of technology and social media on mental health.

What if technology was the solution too? Without the need to talk to a counsellor for hours, just to talk for 5-minutes, and have some amazing tech help to restore emotional balance.

The Mental Health tide is turning

Awareness around Mental Health has grown hugely with both celebrities and everyday people stepping forward and sharing their experiences. We are lucky that the tide against the stigma is changing and often those with Mental Health struggles can step forward without fear of shame.

Men and Mental Health

However, there is a need to help men feel comfortable enough to speak out about their mental health because sadly some men still feel uncomfortable discussing their problems openly. According to recent statistics many suffer in silence, 40% of men won’t talk about their mental health with their friends or family.

At Optimal Health we feel exceptionally passionate about spreading this message. Especially to men, it saddens us greatly that, according to the Mental Health Foundation, approximately 1-in-8 men have a common mental health problem such as anxiety, stress, or depression. If these men are not supported, then problems can worsen which is highlighted in these shocking UK statistics.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 AND 3 out of 4 suicides are men.

According to renowned Male Mental Health Expert Henry Johnstone ‘The biggest threat to a man’s life isn’t cancer it’s not war. It is his own feelings”. 

It is a sobering fact that is difficult to ignore. 


Identifying serious symptoms

There may not always be clear signs you’re dealing with a serious issue, not just a bad day. If you suffer persistently from any of these symptoms, then please reach out for help. 

Anger, irritability, or aggressiveness

Noticeable changes in mood 

Difficulty sleeping

Avoiding friends and social activities 

Constant low energy 

Drug or alcohol abuse 

Ignoring personal hygiene 

Men often feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about their mental health. But the bravest thing you can do is tackle the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. You are not alone. Many other people are going through the same emotions and struggling to find the best way to cope.

The importance of Community

There is one readily available solution which is something we humans are incredibly good at. It is so simple and so effective that it has been overlooked. Community. Community Saves Lives. For those reading this who want to make a difference and turn the tide, you must do just one thing. Take responsibility.

Is there someone you are worried about, even in a fleeting moment? 

You can take responsibility for the well-being of your fellow man by following these simple steps. Don’t wait for someone to reach out (they may feel they’re a burden)

Reach in and connect. 

Send a text. 

Pick up the phone. 

Listen (don’t try and fix) 

Share your struggles. 

Connect, be honest.

Invite someone out and don’t take no for an answer.

Offer empathy not sympathy.

Pop round and cook them lunch.

Always invite them out even if they always say no.

Phone them the next day to check in with them.

It only takes one conversation to save a life. We don’t know which one it will be, but it will. 

Find out more on how you can contribute and be a part of a Men’s Community here:

Men Speak

The Men’s Shed Association

 The Men Helping Men Facebook group

How Optimal Health Can Help

If you struggle to share and would like an alternative to in depth counselling then we can help and recommend starting with an Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment

We are one of very few UK Clinics to offer Optimal Sound Therapy which is easy to access online or in-clinic. Swiftly reach harmony and emotional balance, through listening daily to bespoke Sound Files, accessed via a web page.



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