No More Migraines

Presenting Symptoms

My son was suffering from migraines.

The Assessment

We saw Lisa after seeing a consultant paediatric neurologist who, after diagnosing the migraines, recommended riboflavin, pain killers and, as a last resort, beta blockers.  

Lisa’s assessment was substantially more comprehensive and identified deficiencies in sodium, body fat and viruses, which, when combined, cause the migraines. 

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The Treatments

My son was given a course of Biophoton Therapy, a non invasive treatment to clear viruses and a course of Biofeedback Therapy to help re balance his body.  He has been prescribed supplements to support his body.  Since beginning the treatment, he hasn’t had a migraine.

Patient Care

The team at Optimal Health has taken time to get to know my son in order to work with him to address his health issues, ensuring that the right supplements were selected so that he felt comfortable and able to take them. He has developed a great rapport with the team and enjoys all his appointments.  This has led to a decrease in any anxiety about his migraines.  

The Outcome

Since beginning the treatments with Optimal Health, my son has not had another migraine. The thought of my 9-year-old son having to take painkillers or beta-blockers on a regular basis to manage the pain of migraines horrified me. Optimal Health has shown me, and my son, that there is another, more successful, way of managing your health.

Patient: Master PH, aged 9 (written by mum)