Optimal Health Assessment

Have you ever wondered how your personal health and wellness measure up? Do you want to create life-changing habits to promote optimal health and wellness?

A full body check from the Optimal Health Group can give you the missing connection between root cause and recurring symptoms, and help you create a brighter, healthier future for yourself. 

What is a full body check-up?

As the name suggests, a 360-degree health assessment from Optimal Health looks at all aspects of health and well-being, giving patients a distinctive insight into the everyday health imbalances and stresses on their bodies.

The key principle behind Optimal Health is self-regulation at a cellular level and our advanced state-of-the-art diagnostic technology allows us to measure cellular energy across the entire body and review any energetic blocks.

This full body health check, managed by an experienced Senior Clinician, uses comprehensive diagnostic testing and consultation to give people an in-depth and real-time picture of their body, allowing them a unique and highly accurate evaluation of their health.

Who needs a health and wellness assessment?

Absolutely anyone aged 11 and over is well-suited to a full body check at an Optimal Health Clinic.

A full body check-up from the Optimal Health Group is pre-emptive, unlike the conventional medical approach of symptom management and suppression which relies on a watch-and-wait approach.

When combined with nutritional and lifestyle changes, the health and wellness assessment and Optimal Health Treatment Pathway© can encourage you to make the best choices to activate your self-healing ability, resolve issues, restore homeostasis, and enjoy enhanced energy and potential. 

Optimal Health Assessment - Optimal Health

What happens after a full-body health check?

Once you have undergone a personal health and wellness check, our Senior Clinicians will recommend an Optimal Health Treatment Pathway© to remove stresses on your body and improve health imbalances.

If you want to see if your changes have made a difference to your health and wellness, you can schedule an Optimal Health Assessment Re-test within 6 months of your initial check-up to compare your progress. 

How much does an Optimal Health Assessment cost?

A 120-minute OHA consultation with a Senior Clinician is £500 and includes an Optimal Health Treatment Pathway© recommendation. The Optimal Health Assessment is unique to the Optimal Health Group, we are the only clinic group to offer this.

Contact the Optimal Health Patient Service Team for a 360-health assessment

For a unique and actionable insight into your health and well-being, contact us to book an Optimal Health Assessment, our full body health check-up, available at both our Hampshire and London Clinics.

For more information or to book your consultation, you can call us, send us an email, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.