Optimal Health Assessment - Patient Preparation Guidelines

Pre-Appointment Preparation Guidelines

Treatment is only available after we have received your e-signed Informed Consent. 

Please read these Preparation Guidelines carefully in conjunction with the Treatment Information Guide to ensure that we can maximise the efficacy of your treatment. 

Please note women should not be assessed during the first or second day of their menstrual period as this affects the readings. Please try and book accordingly. If you are unexpectedly on day one or two we can still assess but will need to take that into account so please advise on the day.

Full Contraindication

Please advise us if any of these apply as if so we cannot offer you this assessment for safety reasons;

  • Pregnancy – after 6 months
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Implanted electronic devices

In some case these may compromise efficacy of treatment but not your safety so you may proceed at your own risk;

  • Metallic parts (if you are fitted with excessive parts)
  • Missing limbs 
  • Tremor (if you are not able to sit still for 3 minutes)
  • IUD fitted (copper or Mirena coil)
  • Skin lesions (cannot be in contact with electrodes)
  • Excessive perspiration 
  • A small forehead (may not allow required distance between electrodes)
  • Frontal sinusitis
  • Fever or shock
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure

Important Safety Precautions

Before your appointment:

  • Take supplements as normal.
  • Do not abruptly stop ANY pharmaceutical medication but specifically advise if you have taken a diuretic.
  • NO Nail Varnish or False/ Artificial Nails

For at least 24 hours before your appointment:

  • NO Alcohol or Smoking or Recreational Drugs
  • NO Intense Activity 
  • NO Sauna

On the day:

  • Fast. No eating or drinking allowed for 2 hours before or during the assessment
  • Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • NO metal. Don’t wear or remove jewellery including piercings, rings, earrings & watches 

Arrive well hydrated to your appointment

Contact the Optimal Health Patient Service Team

For more information, or to get any questions you may have answered, call ussend us an email, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.