Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment

Are you looking to boost your chances of conception without IVF?

With an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment and treatment pathway from the Optimal Health Group, you could join the 85% of couples (106/124 patients) who conceived and delivered a healthy baby – in comparison to the average 16% of couples who conceive with just IVF*

(*Average percentage of IVF treatments in 2019 that resulted in a live birth across all ages according to the NHS/ HFEA)

Getting to the root cause through a fertility check-up

Our fertility assessment aims to identify the main reasons a couple may be struggling to conceive a child without assistance, getting right to the root cause.

The fertility test uses information from the prospective mother and father, including the results of a full female hormone check, to determine reasons that fertility has been limited thus far. It seeks to correct them using natural means, if possible, to improve the chance of healthy, natural conception. 

What is included in an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment?

A fertility check from the Optimal Health Group (OHG) uses functional assessments to map deviation from homeostasis or optimal fertility.

These non-invasive assessments help clinicians to identify underlying cellular-level causative factors of blocks to fertility.

Based on the results of your assessments, your experienced clinician will then discuss with you if it is suitable for you to move onto an Optimal Health Treatment Pathway© geared toward healthy conception – which can use the highest quality supplements and nutrition to help you succeed, alongside unique Optimal Health treatments mainly based on sound and light therapy.

Natural Fertility Assessment - Optimal Health

Who should consider a fertility check?

Unlike IVF, which can have a long list of barriers to acceptance, Optimal Natural Fertility can be suitable for almost any couple facing challenges to conception, including:

  • Couples who don’t qualify, have failed, or can’t face IVF. 
  • Couples experiencing unexplained infertility. 
  • Women who have suffered a miscarriage (or multiple miscarriages).
  • Those with thyroid imbalance or endometriosis. 
  • Couples outside of the NICE guideline ‘fertility ages.’
  • Those wishing to avoid the drugs, side effects, and experience of IVF. 
  • Couples looking to limit the likelihood of multiple births – IVF rates can be up to 20x higher than naturally conceived babies.

How much does an Optimal Natural Fertility Assessment cost?

120-minute Optimal Natural Fertility Assessments with a Senior Clinician cost £500 each and include an Optimal Natural Fertility Treatment Pathway© recommendation.

We prefer to assess both partners, but the choice is yours.

Contact the Optimal Health Patient Service Team for a couple's fertility test

Designed for those looking to naturally increase their chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term, Optimal Natural Fertility Assessments can provide exceptional and unique insight in a nurturing and supportive environment – free from the stress, upheaval and potential side effects of conventional fertility treatments.

Reach out to us today to see if natural fertility from the Optimal Health Group could help you. For more information or to book your consultation, you can call us, send us an email, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.