Painful Psoriasis

Presenting Symptoms

My son was suffering from painful psoriasis.

The Assessment

The assessment is thorough and in depth, focusing not just on the issue raised but reviewing the entire body and its functions. It is only through this comprehensive assessment that we discovered the cause of psoriasis and were able to begin treatment to eradicate the various underlying viruses and issues. 

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The Treatments

My son was given a course of Biophoton Therapy, a non-invasive treatment that has cleared the viruses and Giardia. Further, he has benefited from using the Cell Optimising Mat and Biofeedback Therapy to focus on clearing psoriasis. Additionally, he received a comprehensive package of supplements to help clear his system of viruses and build up his base minerals and vitamins.  

Patient Care

Everyone at the clinic is incredibly family friendly and work hard to make my son feel welcome and at ease and take the time to answer his questions and help him learn how to ensure he makes the right choices to optimise his health.  

The Outcome

The treatment for the psoriasis is ongoing and we can see it improving as the underlying viruses have been identified and are eliminated from his body.  I’m particularly impressed with how Optimal Health seeks to treat the underlying cause of any illnesses, not just the symptoms.  When the stress of changing school aggravated my son’s psoriasis, Lisa prescribed homeopathic remedies to manage both psoriasis and anxiety.

Patient: Master PG, aged 11 (written by mum)