Persistent IBS

Presenting Symptoms

I sought help from Optimal Health as for almost two years I had been suffering from persistent bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea. My GP had diagnosed me with IBS and told me there was nothing they could do, except offer painkillers and suggest a low FODMAP diet.

The Assessment

I love how in depth the assessment with Lisa was. It was really interesting to know exactly what was happening in my body. She answered all my questions, explained anything I didn’t understand and diagnosed deficiencies and intolerances which I didn’t know I had.

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The Treatments

I was slightly sceptical of the Biophoton Therapy that was suggested in order to kill the parasites I had. But after the first few sessions I started to feel things change in my body and knew it was working. The supplements and dietary changes transformed my body from a bloated barrel to the flat stomach I hadn’t seen for years.

Patient Care

Everyone at Optimal Health is lovely; the staff are all so kind. All my queries (of which I had many) were answered promptly and in-depth.

The Outcome

After 10 Biophoton Therapy sessions, diet and lifestyle changes, and multiple supplements, I was parasite free! Plus, for the first time EVER I haven’t had severe abdominal pain!!! I would highly recommend Optimal Health and to trust in their treatment plan because they know what they are doing. Lisa has worked a miracle!

Patient: Miss FE, aged 24