Severe Work Stress

Presenting Symptoms

Triggered by a past very stressful period of work and unable to set boundaries and deal with colleagues was causing huge impact in my present life.

The Assessment

A wonderful holistic approach to health. A care team who really do care and progressive treatments that have true impact and healing.

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The Treatments

I’ve found the Optimal Sound Therapy Assessment and Sound Frequency treatment really fascinating and helpful.

Patient Care

The Well Mind team provide a safe and nurturing space allowing for in-depth assessment and support.  

The Outcome

At first the Sound Files I listened to morning and night had a real impact. They seemed to really balance me and definitely have a positive impact

I continue to work with the  Sound Files – not as regularly as I need to because of work commitments but I felt an immediate benefit. A growing clarity and ability to express myself. I am excited to continue as I have experienced positive change already.

Patient: Ms WH, aged 49