Sports Injuries

Sports injuries produce different symptoms and complications so need an individualised, multidisciplinary approach.
Sports Injury Treatment - Optimal Health Group

For injuries like a ruptured ACL or Achilles tendon, meniscal cartilage tear, muscle inflammation or sprains and strain we recommend the Traditional Chinese approach based on balancing the flow of energy (also known as Qi) around the body’s energy lines, or meridians, and the medical belief that when this energy line is blocked, ill health and disease develop.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

We recommend an Initial Health Consultation first, or you may prefer to book straight in for Traditional Chinese Sports Injury Treatment featuring Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage. Special needling combined with a therapeutic massage provides an effective solution to reduce pain and swelling and improve mobility and function. 

Initial Health Consultation

This is the start point that we offer to new patients. We connect, listen clearly to your health concerns and priorities, ensure our philosophy meets your needs, then recommend the team to support your best journey to Optimal Health.

Introductory first appointment rate for new patients only. Up to 60-minutes to include the preparation of recommendations.

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